Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crusin’ Down the Murray

July 8 to July 21
I decided to stay a couple of days in Yarrawonga as it’s a nice spot on the Murray.  Really cold nights and foggy mornings which added some character to the river.  Some nice sunsets as well.


Tuesday July 9 Wednesday July 10
I moved onto to Shepparton.  This is another really nice spot and I had intentions of staying a while.  However, I received an invitation to join some other grey nomaders at a free camp spot at Green’s Lake about 60ks west of Shepparton.

The lake is a natural feature and is home to numerous bird species.  It is used on a regular basis by locals in the surrounding areas as a camping spot and water sports hot spot in the summer.

A great sunset that typified the flat country side and big skies.

I spent a very pleasant afternoon, evening and next morning with Robyn and Ted and David and Helen and Josie the GR.  Robyn and Ted were very informative re the things to see and do and possible work opportunities in the Flinders Ranges having spent time there themselves.

Thursday July 11 Wednesday 17 July
Left the shores of Green’s Lake about 11 heading back to the Murray River at Echuca.  Arrived around lunch time and settled in for what was going to be one night before continuing along the river.  Then I discovered how much there is to see and do in the town and local area and decided to prop here for a few days.  I was hoping that getting back into “tourist mode” would help relieve the tension associated with trying to find work and the funds to continue the journey and, rekindle my enthusiasm for the whole exercise.

Echuca and Moama are vibrant towns with increasing populations.  Echuca is a blend of history and modern facilities and services.  The historic port area is a trip back in time and unlike Swan Hill is free to enter.  It is a working area rather than a “museum piece” per se.

And, of course one can’t come all this way and not take a trip on the “Mighty Murray”.  This the PS Pevensey which starred in the tv series "All the Rivers Run" .  I had been for a river cruise on her the day before.


The largest River Red Gum forest in Australia (and probably the world) is contained within the 60 000 hectare Moira State Forest halfway between Echuca and Balranald.  A lovely Saturday afternoon drive.
Being so flat Echuca has some great cycling and walking trails that take you along the banks of both the Murray and Campaspe Rivers.  The town itself has designated cycle lanes on most roads.  The people of course are friendly and helpful as they have been everywhere so far.

Thursday July 18 to Friday July 26

I left Echuca with the intention of my next stop being Swan Hill.  I got there in good time so decided to go on to Mildura.  Fascinating drive through acres and acres of vineyards, almond orchards and olive groves.

This is definitely a city.  Some 60 thousand people.  Located right on the Murray which at this point is a couple of hundred metres wide.  Lovely caravan park right on the river on the New South Wales side at Buronga.  Another one of those twin town set ups but in this case only one is definitely a town.  David and Goliath really!!


Saturday July 27 to Tuesday July 30
Target was to reach Burra in South Australia by Saturday night.  Achieved.  Burra is a historic copper mining town with some stunning stone buildings.  Overnight stop so no photos but it is on the revisit list.  Interesting country side and colours.

Sunday - on the road again with the target of reaching Quorn in SA.  Achieved by about 12.30 and then I realised I hadn’t changed the clock in the car or on the phone so it was actually midday.  Another historic town mainly for the railway I think.  Again on the revisit list.  Decided to go on to Hawker which is about 60ks south of Wilpena.

Stayed here for two nights whilst waiting for some scripts to be filled.  Met some fellow travellers from Tassie and you wouldn’t believe it; they live at Opossum Bay which is not far from Sandford.  Small world.
Left Hawker on Tuesday morning arrived in the Flinders Ranges National Park about lunch time.  Some stunning scenery on the way and more to come.

Echuca Tree Art


The soggy trailer problem has been resolved.  It does not leak in the rain.  The problem was caused by a faulty water pump which has now been replaced.  Cheap Chinese replaced with a more expensive Chinese!!!



  1. Some stunning scenery shots, there Wayne! Sound like you are having a wonderful time.

  2. Sometimes wonderful Deb and occasionally not so. But hey that's life aye?

  3. Have you fallen off the edge of the world?

  4. Just wondering how you're travelling ?
    Hope everything is OK

    1. Hey George and Jo sorry I haven't replied before now but things fell in a heap finance and health wise so the journey is over and I am back home in Tassie. While I got to see a few things on the bucket list overall it was probably a bit of a failure re a change in life style. I didn't find travelling alone all that enjoyable. Currently considering my options for the coming year.

    2. Thanks for the update Wayne.
      Its good to know you are safe and sound at home.
      And I hope your health and finances recover well.
      I live alone but generally don't feel lonely.
      But from the little holiday travelling that I have done,
      I seem to recall it was quite draining by myself.